Star Spotting: Rihanna Is All Backward Baseball Caps And Zero Effs (PHOTO)

Rihanna rocks a baseball cap and Chanel in her latest Instagram photo.

Oh, just Rihanna giving zero effs in a backward baseball cap and Chanel. Obviously.

We don't even know where to even begin with this photo of Rihanna, other than to say we've decided something crucial: If you can wear a backward baseball cap and STILL look like the sexiest girl on the block, then you're the BAWSE of all BAWSES. Pair that baseball cap with a couture tuxedo jacket and some head-to-toe Chanel accessories, and you officially give NO EFFS WHATSOEVER.

By our calculations, the "Pour It Up" singer snapped this Instagram somewhere between Calgary, Canada (she played there on Saturday night) and Vancouver (she's playing there tonight). Along with the photo, Rihanna added the caption "Fun times lastnight #cccertified." (We're assuming those "c"'s mean CHANEL.) And sure, we know Rihanna typically always has zero effs to give (side note: WHY has "NO EFFS" never been a single and/or album title??), but we think there's a little sumfin' sumfin' in that Canadian air that's making her, if you can even fathom it, just smidge fiercer than usual. Maybe she's gearing up for the presumably intense media fallout from her maybe yes, maybe no second-time-around breakup with Chris Brown? Either way, we suppose the best way to get over any guy-related crisis is to drape yourself in Chanel, amirite? (OK fine, a new quilted leather Chanel bag in lipstick red won't cure everything, but it will DEFINITELY lessen the blow.)

Photo credit: @badgalriri