PLEASE Let Justin Bieber's Monkey Be A Real Thing! (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber has a monkey!

Please oh please tell us that Justin Bieber has in fact adopted a monkey.

Could it BE? We already knew that Justin Bieber had a thing for animals judging by his owl tattoo and pet hamster (R.I.P.), but this photo of him cradling a baby monkey in a blanket is JUST TOO MUCH. Now we're totally dealing with an onslaught of "AW" and "PLEASE GOD LET JUSTIN BIEBER'S MONKEY BE A THING" thoughts and feelings. We also can't figure out who's luckier here: Justin holding the monkey or the monkey being held by Justin. It's truly a toss-up.

Music/film producer Jamal Rashid aka Mally Mall uploaded the adorable monkey pic to his Instagram with the caption "OG MALLY FIRST PIC WITH HIS POPS @JUSTINBIEBER." OK, did Mally just refer to Justin as the monkey's "pops"?? Please oh please let this be a real thing. Given Justin's recent troubles, we wouldn't blame him one bit for seeking out some animal therapy. And while we only have a photo caption for evidence, we'll just imagine that Justin is in fact a new monkey daddy and is only going to grow his animal collection from here. Wouldn't you feel awesome every day if you got to come home to a plethora of baby animals? Just don't give this latest pet away to a fan, JB -- remember how that went last time?

Photo credit: @lastkingmm