New Video: Tyler, The Creator, ‘IFHY’ (NSFW)

Tyler, The Creator plays with dolls in his “IFHY” video.

We can’t even begin to imagine the things Tyler, The Creator has come up with as the director of Odd Future’s music videos. With his twisted humor, raw emotional vision, and musical talent shown in clips like “Sam Is Dead” and “Domo 23,” it’s clear he’s got some major cinematic ambition going on. In his new video for “IFHY,” the latest from his upcoming album, Wolf, Tyler plays a doll (with full-on plastic makeup) in a toy playhouse with a lady figurine he can’t seem to shake. Basically this is like if Barbie’s Dreamhouse was a Nightmarehouse or if the toys in “Toy Story” belonged to Sid instead of Andy. SOMEBODY POISONED THE WATER HOLE.

Watch Tyler, The Creator’s “IFHY” video after the jump.

Sitting in a cloud-painted dollhouse, a plastic-faced Tyler is having a major mope attack about an emotionally distant girlfriend. He gets a chance to explain his “I love you but I hate you” feelings to his girl (also in doll form), even going so far as to break down the dollhouse bathroom door to get to her (which isn’t scary at all). Tyler doesn’t have any more time to explain his feelings, however, because his owner starts melting his face with a lighter (see what I mean about Sid from “Toy Story”? Somebody get Tyler outta there!). Finally, Tyler — in doll form — is sideswiped by, who else, Tyler, The Human, driving a green muscle car as the song switches gears from “IFHY” to “Jamba.” So, what’s Tyler trying to say here? That he’s getting “burned” by a girl? That love hurts? That he’s getting….”played”? OK, OK, we’ll stop.

+ Watch Tyler, The Creator’s “IFHY” video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Odd Future