Star Spotting: Justin Bieber's Bed Head Looks Exactly How You Think It Would (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber's bed head in this photo is perfection. RESPECT IT.

This is how handsome Justin Bieber looks when he wakes up. Is anyone really that surprised?

You know how when you watch TV, actors always wake up looking like they're in full makeup and had some professional stylist fluffing their hair while they were asleep? We used to say, "That ish ain't real! NOBODY looks that good when they wake up!" But then we saw Justin Bieber's commercial-ready flawless bed head, and now we will NEVER ever doubt anything that happens on TV again. Justin's hair is pure art, y'all! (And the moral of the story: Everything that happens on the boob tube is real, guys. #mindsblown)

The "Right Here" singer shared his wake-up moment on Instagram along with the caption "Morning Hair." Honestly, we never thought that Justin wouldn't wake up looking photo-shoot prepped. To be honest, we were actually more surprised that he wears a shirt to bed but not at the airport?! So here's the next big question that's on everyone's mind: If Justin looks this good waking up, does that mean that he doesn't get morning breath either? The answer, obviously, is yes. And while we have absolutely NO proof, we'd prefer to believe that Justin's morning breath is minty fresh and totally kissable the instant he opens his eyes, because NOBODY wants to imagine a heartthrob with stank breath -- that's just naaasty!

Photo credit: @justinbieber