Check Out Paramore's FREE New E-Book, 'Writing The Future'!

Paramore has a free book, "Writing The Future," to download!

Download Paramore's new book, "Writing The Future." It's FREE!

Maybe it's time we instituted an Oprah-like book club around here, but instead of all the books being tear-jerking/life-changing/heart-smashing novels, they can be stories about/written by our favorite rock stars! First up in our totally unofficial book club is Paramore's new e-book, "Writing The Future." Oh, and in case you're the type of person to say something like, "I have more important things to spend my hard-earned money on" (who are these people, BTW?!), all y'all can rest easy, because Paramore's book IS FREE! But no, there are no CliffsNotes.

That's right: The "Now" singers aren't just dropping new tunes, videos, and a new album (due April 9!) -- the band recently broke the news on Instagram that "Writing The Future" is officially available for download on iTunes. Inside, Paramore Stans will find a story about the band's new album, exclusive photos, and even a video filmed during a recording session! GUYS, we're SO excited to have some new spring break reading... even if there isn't a chapter called "How To Make 'Still Into You' Shadow Puppets." Can't win 'em all.

Download "Writing The Future" here!

Photo credit: @paramore