New Video: Jared Evan Featuring Action Bronson, 'Pro Create' (NSFW)

Watch Jared Evan's "Pro Create" video.

Jared Evan knows how to twerk the ladies in his "Pro Create" video.

You probably still have Jared Evan's Boom Bap & Blues disc spinning on repeat (we didn't become "obsessed" with it for nothing), and if so, you might remember a certain standout track called "Pro Create." Well, get ready to cue "Jared Even Obsession Part Deux," because "Pro Create" has just been assigned a brand-new video featuring "Buzz On" alum Action Bronson.

Watch Jared Evan's "Pro Create" video featuring Action Bronson after the jump.

Directed by Jared's frequent collaborator Rik Cordero, "Pro Create" features a very "on-the-toilet" Action Bronson spitting rhymes into an old-school cell phone. (And by "old school" we mean larger than a retro walkie-talkie.) Next up, Jared sings the sultry hook while lounging on the couch with a hot chick (let's just call that a "happy coincidence"). After their musical couch session, Jared and his lady love take things to the next level with a clothes-on flirting session (baby steps!) in bed that somehow lands them in the shower (everybody stay calm -- she's in a towel). Then again, what kind of "Pro Creation" video would this be if we didn't see a little skin?

Watch Jared Evan's "Pro Create" video featuring Action Bronson (NSFW).

Photo credit: Rik Cordero