Buzzworthy Obsession: Dark Horses, 'Alone'

Watch Dark Horses' "Alone" video.

Dark Horses list a photographer as one of their band members -- and now we're obsessed.

We probably shouldn't be surprised that the video for "Alone," the first single from the Brighton, U.K. seven-piece Dark Horses, is so stylish -- what would you expect from an act that has a photographer listed as a member of the band? A photographer's attention to detail runs throughout the clip -- it's all hair, leather, and lipstick, which finds singer Lisa Elle brooding decadently while a model runs throughout a studio hung with oversized prints of iconic figures. But it's not all about aesthetics -- Dark Horses sound as good as they look.

Watch Dark Horses' "Alone" video after the jump.

"Alone," taken from Dark Horses' upcoming Black Music, out April 2 on Last Gang, is a stripped-down, bass-forward slice of reflective gloominess; if the band's name, album, and song titles didn't tip you off already, this is some darkly spun material. "There is only one real antidote to the anguish engendered in humanity by its awareness of death: erotic joy," the band has said of the album.

While "Alone" hinges on a tight bass groove, other songs on the album, like "No Dice," are more haunting and psychedelic, with a persistent buzz of feedback, and delay-heavy guitar lines that drip like running mascara. It's a musical dichotomy that puts them in good company, with compatriots like Kasabian, whose singer Tom Meighan shows up on the slow-building track "Count Me In."

Stream the album, produced by Death In Vegas' Richard Fearless, in its entirety here.

+ Watch Dark Horses' "Alone" video.

Photo credit: Last Gang Records