New Video: Gucci Mane Featuring Wiz Khalifa, 'Nothin On Ya' (NSFW)

Watch Gucci Mane and Wiz Khalifa's "Nothin' On Ya" video.

Naked chicks, body paint, and black lights? Yep, must be a new Gucci Mane video. 

Just because Gucci Mane had a lil' run-in with the law (uh oh, bb!) doesn't mean his career is faltering! Nope, not even close. On top of his groundbreaking role in "Spring Breakers," Team Gucci has just unleashed the Atlanta rapper's brand-new, Wiz Khalifa-assisted video for "Nothin On Ya," straight from Gucci's Trap God 2 disc.

Watch Gucci Mane's "Nothin On Ya" video featuring Wiz Khalifa after the jump.

Set to a bass-heavy, ominous-sounding club-thumper track, "Nothin On Ya" has Gucci and epic poop-cleaner-upper Wiz chilling out in a dark, smoke-filled basement. Naturally, it doesn't stay a bros-only party for very long (would you expect anything less?), as the dudes are soon joined by a bevvy of rack-heavy chicks covered in body paint. As the ladies get down in the black-lit clurrb (solo cups EVERYWHERE), Wiz and Gucci spend the remainder of their clip spitting rhymes with even MORE hot girls at their side, essentially co-confirming that they're living their #bestlife. Is this the most inventive video ever? Probably not, but maybe a troupe of scantily clad women was Gucci's "congrats on being a new dad!!" gift to Wiz. Yep, that's gotta be it.

+ Watch Gucci Mane's "Nothin On Ya" video featuring Wiz Khalifa (NSFW).

Photo credit: Warner Records