Star Spotting: Please Welcome The Return Of John Mayer's Cowboy Hat! (PHOTO)

John Mayer has whipped out his cowboy hat once again in this photo, which pretty much means he's single.

Sup, John Mayer's cowboy hat? We've missed you!

Sometimes we like our men kinda scruffy, so we had exactly ZERO qualms with John Mayer's "Imma pretend to be a cowboy and rock long hair and my cowboy hat 24/7" phase. And guess what? We're not even a little mad that John whipped out his cowboy hat out yet again last night while heading to dinner at famed L.A. eatery Craigs.

You see, John's cowboy hat situation comes in phases. After some extensive research, we deduced that it was pretty much a "perma-hat" situation for John in most of 2012, with the accessory popping up in his "Shadow Days" cover art, and HERE, and HERE. But then along came John's relationship with Katy Perry, and John's long hair and hat magically disappeared!! Need proof? Over the course of many months, a hat-less John was spotted escorting a uni-colored sweatsuit wearing Katy Perry out of his apartment, backstage with Katy Perry at "A Christmas Story: The Musical," whispering into Katy's ear at the Grammys, and most importantly, having a romantic, no-hat-anywhere dinner on Valentine's Day. Now, word on the street is that Katy and John have called it quits, and whaddya know?? That cowboy hat comes RIGHT back out. (Are we detecting a pattern here??) Moral of the story? If the reemergence of John's cowboy attire doesn't mean he's a single bro, then we don't know what does! 

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News