Star Spotting: Taylor Swift's Adorable Fan Hug Is Your Daily Dose Of 'Awwwww' (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift hugs a fan backstage during a Newark, New Jersey concert.

Taylor Swift hugged a devoted fan after performing in Newark, N.J. Aaand that is your heart melting!

Take a moment from being super jealous of the VERY lucky fan who got to hug Taylor Swift in the above photo, and try to imagine what it would actually be like to hug the sweet pop star. We imagine it would be like snuggling your favorite kitty, mixed with the excitement of seeing a double rainbow, and topped off with the bliss of waking up early only to realize that it's the weekend and you don't have to get up! Um, actually, if Taylor Swift hugs are as magical as we just made them sound, that ish needs to be shared so it can HEAL THE WORLD!

The "22" singer was recently snapped sharing an embrace with a devoted fan while on her "Red" Tour in Newark, N.J. But while we are really trying to properly honor our latest awwww attack, we're kind of having a hard time containing our excited squeal noises since news broke about Taylor's upcoming cameo on the season finale of "New Girl"! Actually, we officially give up trying to contain our emotional sound effects, and we're just gonna let them all out at the same time, SHAME FREE. (Just imagine the SKRONK-iest Skrillex song, and that's what we sound like right now.)

Photo credit: Getty Images