New Video: DeLon, 'Pretty Girls'

DeLon seduces his lady in a lavish mansion in his "Pretty Girls" video.

Does anyone know how to get Los Angeles rapper DeLon's day job? In his latest clip for "Pretty Girls," he's rhyming in an ENORMOUS mansion and wearing a super dapper suit, while his model girlfriend CANNOT decide which designer dress to wear (been there, girl... except for the designer part). With his rapid-fire switching from rapping to singing that reminds of Drake and vocals that recall John Legend, we can see why all the "Pretty Girls" would flock to DeLon.

Watch DeLon's "Pretty Girls" video after the jump.

In "Pretty Girls," DeLon's lounging on the couch while his girl models a flowing dress for him (#roughlife). After throwing on a suit and tie (and his lady finds the right dress following several attempts), they head to the estate's top floor for an exquisite, fancy dinner -- clearly this guy did not miss a single episode of "The Pickup Artist." When the nine-course (we're guessing) meal is over, DeLon and his lady find some space to dance, ie. a place where dude can bust out his best Omarion/Chris Brown moves. All and all, we have to say that's a pretty good date (as long as we're not paying).

+ Watch DeLon's "Pretty Girls" video.

Photo credit: DeLon