New Video: Ariana Grande Featuring Mac Miller, 'The Way'

Watch Ariana Grande and Mac Miller's "The Way" video.

Ariana Grande flirts with Mac Miller in their "The Way" collabo video.

How's that for speedy service? Just when we were like, "OMFG we are fully digging this Ariana Grande and Mac Miller 'The Way' collabo, where is the video???" -- it appears! And only a day later, too. Honestly, it couldn't have come sooner, because we were getting a liiiiitle bored of wondering whether or not Mac was gonna try out some of his "Love Lessons" on Ariana. Well, he totally did, and they TOTALLY WORKED. Also, what better day is there to premiere your music video than the day after your song snagged the No. 1 spot on the iTunes chart?! It's a Passover miracle!

Watch Ariana Grande featuring Mac Miller's "The Way" video after the jump. 

In their "The Way" video, Ariana and Mac are in full flirtation mode -- can you blame them what with that sample of Big Pun's "Still Not A Player?" -- with Ariana dancing seductively in a sea of balloons while Mac takes her picture. As Ariana dances and sings about how much she loves her man, she and Mac share the the occasional kiss and cuddle (and by "occasional," we mean "never-ending"). When all is said and done, Mac's feeling PRETTY DAMN proud of himself. Let's face it: We'd feel proud of ourselves, too, if we successfully charmed Ariana while wearing a GIANT Cosby sweater. Seriously, props to any bro who rocks the Coogi and still gets the girl. Hey -- good enough for Biggie, good enough for you.

Be on the lookout for Ariana's "Victorious" spin-off, "Sam & Cat," when it premieres on Nickelodeon this fall.

+ Watch Ariana Grande featuring Mac Miller's "The Way" video.

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