One Direction's Zayn Malik Got A Skull Tattoo, And It's Equal Parts Scary And Amazing (PHOTO)

One Direction's Zayn Malk gets a smoking skull tattoo.

One Direction's Zayn Malik got a new smoking skull tattoo. Nightmares for days!

You'd think a sweet, charming, and insanely stylish boy band member like Zayn Malik of One Direction would walk into a tattoo shop, eye the walls, and pick something as heartwarming and dapper as he is (maybe like Harry Styles' birds or Justin Bieber's owl). NOPE. Instead, Zayn got this kinda scary/badass skull with devil horns wearing a top hat (well, at least it's a dapper skull). And to add an extra kick of badassery, the skeleton head is smoking (well, better that than Zayn himself). Let's just hope that this image won't be one of the things jumping out at us in the band's 3-D movie, "This Is Us" -- CREEEPY!

The "Kiss You" singer's brand-new skin art found its way to the internet, and if you're a real 1D fan, you know that getting tatted up is NBD for Zayn (he tends to honor major life events with ink), but this new one is throwing us off a little. We're still trying to figure out what his bandmate Louis Tomlinson's "The Rogue" tattoo means, and now we MUST KNOW why Zayn got this creepy image plastered on his body for the rest of his life! It'll take some passionate research and dedication, but we're on it for the sake of ALL Directioners. Hey! Some people like exploring metaphors in classic literature; we like studying the symbolism behind boy band tattoos.

Photo credit: Twitter

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