Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Gets Starstruck In The Presence Of Hockey Greatness (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber LOVES his signed Wayne Gretzky jersey in this photo.

Justin Bieber gets starry-eyed for his Wayne Gretzky memorabilia! 

It's hard to imagine Justin Bieber getting starstruck at all, since basically the entire world follows him on Twitter, which means the entire world is starstruck BY HIM. But as you can clearly tell in the above Instagram photo, the Biebs got a smidge starry-eyed in the presence of a Wayne Gretzky jersey (Wayne Gretzky being one of the most famous hockey players ever, duh). He captioned the pic: "Wayne Gretzky ... The Great One." And keep in mind, Justin is so obsessed with hockey that he got a hockey-themed tattoo on the back of his left shoulder. (And yes, that shoulder also supports JB's massive GUN SHOW!)

All that said, it's not like Justin had to go to a museum to visit this prized Wayne Gretzky jersey, but rather, it was given to him by Gretzky HIMSELF. (And yes -- it kiiiind of defeats the whole "starstruck" thing if you actually OWN the jersey you're freaking out about, but again, it's Justin, so work with us here.) Most importantly, we're just happy to see such a huge smile coming from JB in the midst of all the apparent chaos surrounding his life right now. And to that we say, keep your head up, bb! You've got a framed Gretzky jersey on the wall to look at, which is WAY better than some $39 dollar poster basically everyone else in Canada has.

Photo credit: @JustinBieber