Celebrate Lady Gaga’s 27th Birthday With 27 Vintage Lady Gaga Photos! (PHOTOS)

Check out these vintage photos of Lady Gaga for her 27th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga!! We can’t quite believe it, but you’ve been an ENORMOUS part of our lives for the better part of a decade. And yes, we know you’re, like, the biggest star in the ENTIRE galaxy (also, remember when you were in “Men In Black 3”? Heh), but we’ve been repping for you since the very beginning. We knew you WHEN. So, what better way to celebrate your 27th birthday than with 27 vintage photos of you? (We also considered 27 meat dresses, but it’s technically still Lent.)

Check out vintage Lady Gaga photos after the jump, and see them all in our VINTAGE LADY GAGA PHOTO GALLERY.

Gaga and Paris — 2008 seems so far away.

After combing through the Gaga archives (the Garchives?), we found 27 photos of Lady Gaga before the fame (well not The Fame, but you know what we mean). And even though our years with Gaga have brought many meat dresses and flower helmets, we figure she’s still the same girl-next-door-from-outer-space that we fell in love with back in, what was it, 2007? OH GOD, WHERE DID THE TIME GO? Anyway, the only difference between then and now is that when Gaga’s hurt, she lugs herself around in a 24-karat gold wheelchair. Instead of lending an ear to one friend, she tries to help millions. And finally, instead of eating birthday cake, she rolls around in it. And personally, we’d take all those as upgrades. Happy Birthday, Gagaloo!!

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Photo credit: Getty Images

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