New Video: Passion Pit, 'Cry Like A Ghost'

Passion Pit score a one-woman dance party in a creepy forest for their latest video, "Cry Like A Ghost."

Passion Pit throw a creepy forest dance party in their "Cry Like A Ghost" video.

When Passion Pit isn't making collabos with Juicy J (we're STILL not over that), the electro-pop group is busy filming its own heartfelt and unique videos ("Carried Away" and "Constant Conversations" to name a few). Their latest clip for "Cry Like A Ghost" falls into the latter category, featuring a young woman having a one-person dance party in a creepy forest as she thinks about all of her ex-boyfriends (otherwise known as our typical Friday night). It's basically like if Tim Burton decided to curate Ultra Music Festival and schedule it on Halloween.

Watch Passion Pit's "Cry Like A Ghost" video after the jump.

Taken from Passion Pit's Gossamer album, "Cry Like A Ghost" kicks off with a young girl dashing through a dark, wooded area and tripping (which is generally how most horror films start). But instead of a crazed, axe-wielding weirdo emerging, homegirl just starts busting out dance moves, which... OK? Sometimes you need to dance like no one is watching, and a scary, nighttime forest is JUST the place to do that. Set to a jerky, hand-clapped beat, "Cry Like A Ghost" culminates with all of the girl's onetime boyfriends dancing beside her. Not a bad way to achieve closure, right? Maybe we should throw our own all-exes dance party! Except... not. #EasierSaidThanDone

+ Watch Passion Pit's "Cry Like A Ghost" video.

Photo credit: Sony