Jared Leto Got A Human Ear In The Mail, Just Another Reminder That People Are Weird (PHOTO)

Thirty Seconds To Mars' Jared Leto gets a fan ear sent in the mail, wears it as a necklace.

Jared Leto got A HUMAN EAR sent to him in the mail, then turned it into a necklace like NBD.

When we say we'd do ANYTHING for our the artists we love, y'all know that's to a certain point, right? Well, apparently one of Thirty Second To Mars singer Jared Leto's fans didn't receive the "DON'T SHOW YOUR LOVE BY CUTTING OFF BODY PARTS" memo. Because they did -- a fan actually shipped A HUMAN EAR to Jared (click the above photo of Jared to see the severed ear, then try not to barf). Now, that's what we call a STAN. Also, can we NOT make this a trend -- PLEASE?!

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Jared shared the ear photo on Instagram along with the cleverly creepy caption, "ARE YOU LISTENING?" Even weirder, while the rest of us are eww-ing the ish out of this "gift," Jared took things to the next level by making an effing necklace out out of the ear (WHAAAT!!! x 1000). We're really hoping this is just a viral stunt or a prop left over from the set of "Saw."

Let's not be too quick to judge, though, 'cause Jared is an artist -- dude even studied to be a painter. Vincent van Gogh had his own chopped off ear moment, and he was pretty brilliant -- so it all kinda (in a super strange way) comes full circle, right? Besides, if sending "Up In The Air" into space didn't get your full listening attention, why not just go literal? #YOLO (PLEASE DON'T #YOLO HERE. #YOHO = You Only Hear Once.)

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Photo credit: Getty Images