Maybe Justin Bieber Went Shirtless At The Airport Because He's JUST TOO HOT For The Airport! (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber went shirtless in a Polish airport.

Not even Poland in March can contain Justin Bieber's six-pack.  

Word on the tarmac is that Justin Bieber, professional pop singer, gas mask wearer, and possible protein shake enthusiast has been spotted with his shirt off (again) in the most unlikely of places: a Polish airport. And now everyone's losing it because Poland = COLD and, again, Justin Bieber = sans shirt. But really, friends. Do we need to freak out? The "Yellow Raincoat" singer's stomach just can't be contained -- by now we've seen Justin's ab selfies in every setting from the gym to a hospital bed. They're here, they're...breathtaking, and we should get used to it. And yes, we know things have been a little shaky for our Lord of the Perpetual Dirt 'Stache what with all that passing out backstage at concerts and kinda sorta assaulting some paparazzi and now his shirtless strut through Polish airport security. But MAYBE Justin Bieber's just TOO HOT FOR THE AIRPORT!

Spotted walking around Wladyslaw Reymont Airport in below-freezing Lodz, Poland, Justin took his shirt off while moving through the airport's security line. And this is a problem because...? Seriously, have you guys ever waited in line at the airport? Haven't YOU been so aggravated by the crying babies, kvetching senior citizens, and aggro businessmen that you too wanted to rip off your clothing and feel the fresh wind of freedom against your bare skin? And another thing: Have all y'all BEEN to Poland? No? Then you don't know if it's hot up in their airport! For all you know, Poland keeps their airport hotter than Dante's ninth circle in mid August. So can we please drop this "Justin Bieber's shirtless in Poland!!" hullabaloo and move on with our day? Besides, telling Justin Bieber to put his shirt back on is like telling Justin Timberlake to stop wearing skinny suits and Ke$ha to wash her face before bed. You just don't.

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