Star Spotting: Kevin Jonas Is OUR Guitar Hero In The Jonas Brothers' Forthcoming 'Pom Poms' Video

In case you didn't know, Kevin Jonas is is the hardcore rocker Jonas Brother in this photo from the "Pom Poms" video.

Note to self: Kevin Jonas' hair looks EVEN BETTER when it's near a guitar. 

At this point, the buildup to the Jonas Brothers' forthcoming "Pom Poms" video is comparable to what one might feel in the moments leading up to a first kiss and/or biting into that perfect spicy tuna roll. Or something. (Was that a weird thing to say?) We've already caught the bros filming their video on an abandoned football field, and we've (thankfully) already heard a teeny tiny preview of the actual track. Now, the boys are laying it on thick by collectively tweeting another teaser by way of a collection of stills from the video. And wanna know our favorite one? Oh, just the above epic image of oldest JoBro Kevin SLAYING his "I'm the modern-day Bon Jovi" rocker pose.

In addition to images of the brass section nailing their riffs and the guys' drummer going HAM on the drum set, Kevin tweeted the above image of himself with the caption: "I'm ready. Are YOU? #PomPoms7." Oh, Kev, baby, WE ARE READY. And by the look of it, so is your hair, which is looking MIGHTY FINE. Like, almost as good as it does here, but a little better since you're holding an electric guitar, and everyone looks sexier when they're holding an instrument (except for a tuba). Anyway, can't wait until all the pieces come together and we get to watch the video in the privacy of our own home. Along with some low-fat popcorn, maybe some mood lighting, and maybe a boyfriend to make us feel a little less sad about not dating a JoBro.

Lookout for the Jonas Brothers' "Pom Poms" video when it drops on April 2.

Photo credit: @KevinJonas