Star Spotting: The Wanted's Max George Went Fishing... SHIRTLESS (PHOTO)

The Wanted's Max George went shirtless fishing in this photo, and we wanna be invited next time.

Y'all wanna eat a fish personally caught by The Wanted's Max George?

Personally, we're mostly vegetarian up in here, but we have a feeling we might go pescetarian if we were allowed to indulge in the fish that The Wanted's Max George personally caught. You know, HIMSELF. WHILE WEARING ZERO SHIRTS! Because if you're gonna give up two years of a veggie routine, it might as well be for a fish that had Max George's hands all over it, amirite?

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The "I Found You" singer, his impeccable pecs, and his "catch-of-the-day" were snapped hanging around a sunny California lake. As all good celebs do, Max took to Twitter to share the news of his catch with all his fans: "Went fishing today.... Here's what I got!" After a little investigating (or Twitter stalking... whatever), we discovered that Max's The Wanted cohort Nathan Sykes was also on board the U.S.S. George! (No clue if that's the boat's real name, but how dope would it be if we were right?!) Unfortunately for the poor lil' fishie, his fate was to be Max and Nathan's dinner. That said, if you've gotta go out, you might as well kick the bucket at the hands of a good lookin' singer, you know? Plus, that fish is now memorialized by Max's million-plus Twitter followers and got to be in a photo held by a hot, shirtless pop star! There's gotta be a consolation prize in there, somewhere.

Max Fish 2

RIP Max George's fish.

Photo credit: @MaxTheWanted