Star Spotting: Ke$ha Is ALMOST A Girlie Girl At LAX Airport (PHOTO)

Ke$ha is ALMOST full-on girlie while arriving at LAX airport.

SO close to being girlie, Ke$ha. SO CLOSE.

Look, we're not saying that Ke$ha dresses like a full-on bro or anything, but we ARE saying that she's not generally the most girlie girl on the block. (Read: The last time we saw her was when she was bodysurfing over a crowd of sweaty strangers at a Vegas nightclub, you know?) That said, K-dolla has gone almost fully girlie in a floral frock while arriving at LAX airport on her way to Miami. Then of course, you look down to discover she's wearing a pair of Converse sneakers, but maybe that's just her thing! Or, perhaps she was working so hard on her upcoming "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life" docu-series that she just didn't have time to find anything else. Yep, that's definitely it.

That said, we may be calling the "C'Mon" singer out for her interesting shoe-choice (maybe the Illuminati doesn't approve of kitten heels?), but we gotta commend the gal for keeping it simple and comfy at the airport. Because, as we ALL know, NOBODY, (not even the queen of airport couture, Kim Kardashian), is exempt from a little thing we like to call "airplane bloat." Not sure what we're talking about? Let's just say that wearing form-fitting, high-waisted jeans gets REAL old about 10 minutes after you've reached "cruising altitude." We get why you're keeping it simple, girl.

Photo credit: Splash News