Star Spotting: Katy Perry Makes The Best 'Taylor Swift Surprised' Face At The '2013 Kids' Choice Awards' (PHOTO)

Katy Perry gives her best 'Taylor Swift Surprised' face at the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards

Katy Perry delivers an epic "Taylor Swift surprised" face at the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards!

There are two HUGE things going on in this photo from Nickelodeon's 2013 Kids' Choice Awards that we're basically LIVING FOR. First, is there a budding sexy-single-BFF thing between Katy Perry and Selena Gomez that we haven't officially heard about yet? They've been hanging out a lot and even sat next to each other at the awards like total besties?! Second, Katy's facial expression deserves a standing ovation -- girl NAILED Taylor Swift's classic "surprised" face! Oh, and while we're on that topic, we really suggest Taylor getting a trademark on that face STAT, 'cause everyone's doing it, and she's losing potential revenues.

The "Teenage Dream" singer was snapped getting epically emotional while attending the Nickelodeon event this past weekend, and we're thinking this very Taylor-esque reaction was made when Katy found out that she won the "Best Female Singer" award (beating out Taylor Swift... AWK-ward)! However, we'd prefer to imagine that Katy made this face because she and Selena were gossiping about ex-boyfriend horror stories to each other. BOYZ! Perhaps Katy was "Swift reacting" to the news about how Selena made Justin Bieber cry and it was SO unbelievably shocking that she couldn't keep a straight face! Ladies, LET US IN ON THE DISH!

Photo credit: Getty Images