New Video: Fall Out Boy, 'The Phoenix'

Fall Out Boy get kidnapped in their latest cliip for "The Phoenix."

Fall Out Boy's second video is torture... literally.

When we last saw Fall Out Boy in "My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)," they found themselves in a precarious position, kidnapped and blindfolded by nefarious villains. The second video from their upcoming Save Rock and Roll, "The Phoenix," sheds light on the first video's story.

Watch Fall Out Boy's "The Phoenix" video after the jump.

The band explained a bit more on their website today: "Welcome to the Prequel! Here's the video for "the phoenix" -- it tells the tale of how we ended up blindfolded in the back of the black van in the mskwyditd video. This is chapter 2 of 11. Stay tuned for chapter 3, coming to a computer, tablet, or phone near you soon."

The rather graphic video details the abduction of each of the band members by a team of sexy kidnappers, which, if you're going to be kidnapped, it could be a lot worse. And while we're loving the surging energy of the track, especially Patrick Stump's riveting vocal, we have to say, for a band, these guys make really poor spies -- they're super easy to get the jump on. Stump, shown ferrying around an important briefcase containing a mysterious glowing object ("Pulp Fiction" reference anyone?), sees the worst of the action here (think torture and maybe having his hand cut off). More like Patrick Stump, right? Sorry, that's gross.

Ever the trooper, he manages to force out the lyrics of the song throughout the harrowing ordeal. "I'm gonna change you, like a remix/ Then I'll raise you, like a phoenix," he sings, in what could be a reference to the band itself. So far their rise from the ashes seems to be going exactly as planned. And if it doesn't, it looks like Pete Wentz has a promising career in falconry.

+ Watch Fall Out Boy's "The Phoenix" video.

Photo credit: Fueled By Ramen