Watch The Lyric Video For Thirty Seconds to Mars' 'Up In The Air'

Listen to 30 Seconds To Mars' "Up In The Air."

Thirty Seconds To Mars has officially (and literally) launched their brand-new track, "Up In The Air."

When Thirty Seconds To Mars decided to release their new track, "Up In The Air," you know, via an actual rocket ship, we were kinda like THIS IS WEIRD BUT ALSO SO PERFECT. Then, further cementing our opinion, the king of the back tat Jared Leto and his band released their "Up In The Air" trailer, which, in case the Zebra-centric cover art didn't give it away, included a zebra (and a pink mechanical bull). Because WHY THE EFF NOT? Now, the bros have unleashed their "Up In The Air" lyric video, and although it doesn't include pink zebras, there IS a lot of cool outer-space imagery and our eyes have never been happier.

Watch Thirty Seconds To Mars' "Up In The Air" lyric video after the jump.

As Thirty Second To Mars' angsty jam "Up In The Air" rages in the background, we're taken on a vaguely motion sickness-inducing trip through the outer space. (Think "E.T." meets a History Channel special on Aurora Borealis.) The song's lyrics flash on the screen, and as they do, you're not quite sure if you should be studying them for the inevitable Thirty Seconds-themed karaoke hour (your place or mine?), OR if you should just sit back with a glass of, um, juice, and enjoy the scenery.

Lookout for Thirty Seconds To Mars' LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS album, out May 21.

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Photo credit: 30 Seconds To Mars