Beyonce Carries Blue Ivy, Who Wears BABY TIMBERLAND BOOTS! (PHOTO)

Oh, just Blue Ivy being cradled in Beyonce’s arm while rocking tot-sized Timberland boots.

Imagine the tingly feeling you got when you saw Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s royal offspring being fed while wearing a tot-size “Watch The Throne Shirt.” Now take that tingly feeling, and raise it to the 2 magillionth power, and you still won’t come remotely close to the amount of prickly tingles you should feel while looking at this photo of Bey, carrying her baby Blue Ivy, who happens to be rocking tot-size Timberland boots!!! Also: PIGTAILS! WE CANNOT. SIMPLY CAN NOT.

Beyoncé and her Bey Bey (been waiting to make that joke so humor me, people) were snapped in and around NYC yesterday “running some errands.” Naturally Bey’s gotta keep Blue looking chic and representin’ the Throne (she’s half Jay after all), so pint-size Timberlands are an adorably spot-on choice. That said, you shouldn’t take the slightly annoyed look on Blue’s face to heart–she’s probably just thinking, “Step back y’all! Me and my mom are just trying to have a nice mother-daughter day and your camera flashes are giving me a headache!” Also, our eagle eye spots a tiny camouflage jacket on Blue too, which means that that kid accessorizes better than basically everyone, and she’s not even 2. Sigh.

Photo credit: @richgirlonabudget

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