The Buzz On: Fear Of Men

Get the latest on U.K. indie pop quartet Fear of Men.

Fear of Men's catchy indie pop: the opposite of scary.

"You're just a dreamer; I'm just a dream," Fear of Men's Jessica Weiss sings on "Spirit House" -- the U.K. band's first-ever single. The line's a fitting entry into the quartet's mysterious world, where mystic imagery and stormy guitar tones share space with triumphantly catchy melodies. It's also a reminder of The Cranberries' "Dreams," a track that sounds like the fairy godmother to Fear of Men's powerful indie pop sound.

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"Spirit House" is the final track on the group's debut compilation, Early Fragments, a reverse-chronological collection that lets us time travel through the quartet's first few years of singles and odd releases. At only eight songs, Early Fragments is full of should-be hits, from the hypnotic "Seer" to the jangling anthem "Born." The group has earned attention from blogs such as Stereogum and Gorilla vs. Bear, which featured the band at its SXSW day party last week. We saw them in Austin twice: If the band's not headlining the best twee tour of the year by summer, we'll eat our press badge.

The group's proper debut is due later this year on Kanine Records (Bleeding Rainbow, Surfer Blood). Till then, we'll keep dreaming.

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Photo credit: Jacob Lillis