Miley Cyrus Told Ryan Seacrest About Her New Song With Snoop Dogg, And We're Trying To Hold It Together (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus drops news about her new song with Snoop Dogg on Ryan Seacrest's radio show.

Miley Cyrus dropped BIG news about new music on Ryan Seacrest's radio show. We DIE!

The most important part of this picture isn't that Miley Cyrus looks like a glammed-up porcelain doll, nor the fact that we really like Ryan Seacrest's tie/shirt combo. It's really all about how this photo is a visual celebration that Miley has officially announced her upcoming new single on Seacrest's show!! Oh, and did we mention that her new song is a collab with none other than SNOOP DOGG!? KAAAA-BOOM! (That's the sound of our minds/hearts/the internet exploding all at once.) Now, excuse us while we put on our very own unicorn onesie and TWERQUE our ish to "WOP" in celebration.

Ryan Seacrest shared Miley's celebratory moment on Instagram along with the caption "Just talked to Miley Cyrus... confirmed new music is on the way incl a song with @snoopdogg." Now we're left wondering if Miley's collabo will be similar to Katy Perry and Snoop's "California Gurls"? Orrr maybe it'll sound like nothing we've ever heard (like she said about her track). And while we don' t know too many more deets about the new song, judging by Miley's "The One" finger, we can basically assume how her track will do on the charts. Hint: AMAZING.

Photo credit: @ryanseacrest