One Direction Went Paintballing With 5 Seconds Of Summer In A REAL Battle Of The Boy Bands (PHOTO)

One Direction plays paintball with Australian band 5 Seconds Of Summer.

Louis and Zayn of One Direction went paintballing with Australia's 5 Seconds Of Summer!

You might think that One Direction spend all their free time hanging out with their girlfriends and puppies, but sometimes the guys just want to take a break from all the cute stuff and GET ROUGH. And what better way to embrace your inner manly man than by playing paintball!? Better yet, how about instituting a total boy band battle: One Direction vs. 5 Seconds Of Summer! OK, technically we weren't there and can't prove that the two bands were actually pinned against each other, but let's just pretend that's how it went down and they were duking it out for our love. And that the winner would get our hand in marriage. (Welcome to our imaginations.)

The "One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)" singers tweeted the photo of their paint-war moment along with the caption "Great day out today @5secsofsummer." While we're trying to erase the memory of that creepy "Predator" thing in the background, we're mostly trying to wrap our head around the fact that 1D is friends with the pop-punk Australian "Heartbreak Girl" singers (that's Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin, for all you newbies). Maybe this activity was like a business meeting to chat about a possible collabo?? (Business lunches are SO passé.) Most importantly, can y'all just imagine the guys rolling around on the ground and getting dirty while screaming in SUPER SEXY British AND Australian accents!?! WE SURRENDER!

Photo credit: @Louis_Tomlinson