Please Enjoy Joe Jonas' Excellent Twitter Response To His Sex Tape, Which Does Not Exist

Joe Jonas responds to his alleged sex tape on Twitter.

We do not believe in a Joe Jonas sex tape for a minute.

Yesterday Twitter blew up with news of a rumored Joe Jonas sex tape involving Joe and his girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler, and Team Jonas was quick to confirm that the sex tape rumors were totally false, which, in our Jonas-loving hearts, we obviously assumed all along.

Now the allegations were, how shall we say, on the mature side. And obviously, at age 23, Joe Jonas is an adult, but the bondage references seemed far-fetched for a guy once known for rocking a purity ring. Which is why we had to applaud Joe's mature, dismissive Twitter response, which was just a beautifully succinct "ball gag? really? me? come on guys."

EXCELLENT RESPONSE, Joe! If Wordpress supported Emoji, we'd totally be sending you a row of the hand-clapping ones. And you know what? We agree! Because after seeing Joe's entire family interact at the dinner table on "Married To Jonas," it's pretty hard to imagine Joe, son of Reverend Kevin Jonas, engaging in some "Fifty Shades Of Grey" ish. (Then again, if he were cast in the role of Christian Grey, we wouldn't exactly stay mad.)

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News