New Video: Turnover, 'Most Of The Time'

Watch Turnover's "Most Of The Time" video.

Turnover look back to '90s emo in their "Most Of The Time" video.

Lost amid all the jokes about how everyone is "remembering the '90s!" in retro Tumblr-aesthetic fashion, movies, and the return of grunge, is another bit of '90s mining that we're actually pretty stoked on: the return of that decade's take on emo. (S/O to Dad Punchers, Transit, Into It. Over It.) In the '90s, "emo" meant subtly drawn vocal delivery, intertwining, intricate guitar lines, space-filled breakdowns, and, of course, confessional lyrical themes. Virginia Beach's Turnover get back to the genre's quieter roots on "Most of the Time." DEFEND #TROOEMO.

Watch Turnover's "Most of the Time" video after the jump.

The video for the song, taken from their upcoming record, Magnolia, due out in April on Run For Cover Records, reflects an appreciation for throwback emo as well. It's about packing into a small room and playing with the band, and then, well, wandering around aimlessly with nothing to do, because what else is there? It's basically a series of shots of a young dude staring off into the distance, on the beach, in the forest, in an abandoned factory -- in other words, everyday life for a sad young dude in a small town.

"We wanted to make a video that mimicked the song in meaning and in feel," singer and guitarist Austin Getz explained to us. "This is that video. Alex Henery, the videographer, did an incredible job in helping us realize our vision. We all really wanted to make it more like a short film than a music video. I think we succeeded in that."

"Most of the time I'm hopelessly lost," Getz sings in the chorus throughout. "Most of the time, I'm between the cracks." Yep, that about covers it. If there's one thing we remember about the '90s, it's that.

Watch Turnover's "Most of the Time" video.

Photo credit: Turnover's Facebook