New Video: JoJo, 'Andre'

Watch JoJo's new "Andre" video.

Meet "Andre," JoJo's dream man.

It's our personal belief that JoJo's INSANELY well-curated mixtape Agápe is one of the most bizarrely overlooked releases of 2012. There's the vibey and laid-back "We Get By" (we're feeling you on that cranberry Stoli, bb), the heart-wrenching "Thinking Outloud" (P.S. we NEED more than just one minute of that one, please!), and most importantly, the sugary-sweet, Top 40-tinged "Andre," for which JoJo has just released a bomb new video. (We'd also like to call out JoJo's equally underrated jam "Disaster," which, although not on Agápe, we still listen to approximately three times a week.)

Watch JoJo's Andre video after the jump.

In the Embryo-directed "Andre," JoJo (and the biggest, baddest, fiercest hair anyone has ever seen) is dating a sweet, attractive, too-cool-for-school artist (does he have a brother?). As JoJo wakes up at her new man's apartment, Andre sneaks out, carrying a new piece of art with him. Later on, JoJo (and her pals Leah LaBelle and Karina Pasian) hit up her boyf's art show where he unveils his brand-new masterpiece: a stunning portrait of, you guessed it, JoJo! (What did you think guys, it was gonna be a scenic landscape?? Come on now.)

Truth be told, we always kinda thought that Andre was a made-up character meant to embody everyone JoJo (and myself, for that matter!) ever wanted in a man. But we've since learned that the mystical Andre exists IRL and is in fact Outkast's own André 3000! JoJo explains: "Andre's style is something that I love. I just think the sexiest thing is when a man is himself and does his own thing, and there's a really great example of that in André Benjamin." That said, anyone who can successfully "wear a leather jacket in June" and not drip sweat is my personal hero, so WE TOTALLY GET IT, GIRL.

+ Watch JoJo's "Andre" video.

Photo credit: Rap-Up