Star Spotting: Pregnant Fergie Is Fully Capable Of Wearing Leather Pants And Heels, OK? (PHOTO)

Fergie nails the heel game, even while WITH child, while on "Good Morning America."

Fergie: pregnant in heels AND LEATHER PANTS! We can't.

We guess it's pretty safe to assume that Fergie's just gonna be "one of those pregnant ladies." You know, the kind who rock a full face of makeup, heels, and a totally bomb outfit instead of the 24/7 spandex unitard that we would be wearing if WE were pregnant. She's also the kind of pregnant lady who would probably choose all members of the Black Eyed Peas to be her kids' godparents, which IS THE BEST THING EVER.

Fergie and her perfectly coiffed hair, leather pants, and string bean stilettos (yes, we totally made up the term "string bean stiletto") hit up "Good Morning America" yesterday to make other pregnant ladies feel inferior chat about her and hubby Josh Duhamel's soon-to-be baby! And while we'd love to provide you with some adorable sound bites like "This child will be the light of our life!" or "We can't wait to meet our little peanut," we're honestly wayyyyyy too busy wondering HOW ON EARTH a pregnant lady squeezes herself (and her womb) into leather pants when we, after approximately two-and-a-half juice cleanses, still can't QUITE pull them off. One of life's great mysteries.

Photo credit: Splash News