Video Premiere: Lil Wayne Featuring 2 Chainz, 'Rich As F***'

Lil Wayne, along with 2 Chainz, stunt in the desert in his latest video, "Rich As F***"

"Do I have a lot of money? Maybe."

First off, we are delighted that Lil Wayne is feeling better after his recent stay at the hospital. We know he's a man with "No Worries," but WE started having a few after reading tweets about "last rites" and stuff. One thing we're NOT worried about, however, is Wayne footing that pesky hospital bill, especially after watching him boast about his incredible wealth in the video for "Rich As F***" featuring 2 Chainz. The track from Weezy's forthcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album is exactly what you'd expect from the title: Dude has a bank account like your phone number... that would be with the area code.

Watch Lil Wayne featuring 2 Chainz's "Rich As F***" video after the jump.

In the clip, Weezy sits in an open blue desert (we're just going to assume that he owns the land and hasn't figured out what to do with it yet), while he splits time between spitting rhymes and skateboarding. 2 Chainz joins in on a giant illuminated cube while the two of them lord over the valley and brag about their respective piles of cash. Wayne also plays passenger to an incredibly sexy driver in his red sports car (you need two free hands to rhyme sometimes), while two capoiera martial artists start fighting each other -- we're guessing for Tunechi's amusement ("FIGHT TO THE DEATH, MINIONS"-- or something like that).

After a long day of tiger sightings and a BMX biker hopping over, like, eight women, "Rich As F***" ends with a lovely dinner with the most expensive of cups, cutlery, and china (only the best for Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz). We may not be "Rich As EFF," but we can always act the part if you invite us along to the desert! Sometimes a blogger gets tired of frozen TV dinners, just sayin'. Text us!

+ Watch Lil Wayne featuring 2 Chainz's "Rich As F***" video.

Photo credit: UMG