Buzzworthy Obsession: Har Mar Superstar, ‘Lady, You Shot Me’

Hear Har Mar Superstar’s throwback Memphis soul jam, “Lady, You Shot Me.”

Our favorite shirtless troubadour, Har Mar Superstar, has his heart on his sleeve on his new song, “Lady, You Shot Me,” a retro-soul ballad that sounds astonishingly vintage. “You broke my one rule, you treated me cruel,” Har Mar sings as horns and backing vocalists cry out behind him, but the song’s not all heartbreak. After its ballad beginning, “Lady, You Shot Me” bounces into an upbeat groove with Mr. Superstar trying to triumph over his bad breakup: “I’ll get back in line, behind the other guys/ If there’s a chance you’ll let me.”

Listen to Har Mar Superstar’s “Lady, You Shot Me” after the jump.

While his overly optimistic shot at love sounds dangerous for his heart — live your best life, Har Mar! — his musical decisions are as sharp as ever. The 3-minute song romps through more changes than an episode of “Pretty Little Liars” — no terrifying texts included. Maybe for an encore, he can land a duet with Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard for the full Southern soul experience. (Don’t break our hearts, too, Har Mar.) Har Mar Superstar’s “Bye Bye 17” is due April 23 on Cult Records.

+ Listen to Har Mar Superstar’s “Lady, You Shot Me.”

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