Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Reigns Supreme As The King Of Sexy (PHOTO)

Adam Lambert gives a sexy caress to himself while on stage.

Adam Lambert's too sexy for his pants!

If you were looking for a "Sultry Adam Lambert" update (which just so happens to be everything he does), we'd like to introduce you to this INCREDIBLY SEXY photo of a leather-clad Adam caressing himself on stage. It kinda reminded us of the time Rihanna grabbed herself while performing, except Adam kinda takes it to a whole new level. What makes Adam's moment superior? Well, because he is Adam EFFING Lambert, expert server of FACE, and he does everything better than ANYONE. Capiche?

This isn't the first time we've pointed out Adam's supreme sexiness -- his sexy stock shot through the roof when he successfully wore fringe and an absurdly blue suit, showed us his neck porn, took a bathroom selfie, and started a bad boy band. But everything, and we mean everything, has led up to this steamy-sexy Instagram photo of a slightly snarling Adam in all leather and rocking nail polish like a boss. (Btw, when is he dropping his own nail color line?! We are ready to invest!) But if you're a real Glambert, you aren't really admiring his outfit; you're probably imagining yourself as that microphone stand he's holding. Don't worry, it's entirely OK to be jealous of a piece of stage equipment! Where Adam's concerned, rabid fangirling is a GIVEN.

Photo credit: @therealadamlambert