Austin Mahone Plays Shirtless Basketball, And Buff Is An Understatement (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone plays shirtless basketball.

Austin Mahone played basketball sans shirt! We know, so many dreams coming true at once.

Remain calm, Mahomies! Wait, who are we kidding? GO AHEAD AND FLIP THE EFF OUT over Austin Mahone's newest shirtless photo!! And let us say it again, 'cause when it comes to buff bros, we like repeating ourselves. Austin's Justin Bieber workout/boot camp regimen IS TOTALLY WORKING. Oh, and in case you didn't know, Austin is one of MTV's Artists To Watch for 2013, and judging by this photo of him playing shirtless basketball, we're pretty sure keeping an eye on him won't be a problem.

Hot on the heels of playing MTV's Artist To Watch Showcase in NYC, the Lil Wayne impersonator recently took us on a romantic beach stroll in his "Heart In My Hand (Live On The Beach)" video, and now he's sharing a swoon-worthy photo on his Instagram, for which he captioned, "PLAYING BALL WITH CREW! and 2 sexy ladies (; hahahahaha @VEVO #VEVOLIFT). Now, if you're wondering if there will be any open auditions for (the imaginary, but real in our hearts) Mahonie cheerleader squad, the nice answer is: "Sure! The more the merrier!" But our REAL answer is "Get to the back of the line, 'cause we call dibs infinity." SO-REE! But we DOMINATE in anything with pom-poms.

Photo credit: @austinmahone