Star Spotting: Beyonce Likes Buying Cheapie Sunglasses, Because She Really Is JUST LIKE US! (PHOTO)

Beyoncé chills on the steps of of a street vendor, starting a brand new trend!

Beyoncé reminds us that shopping for knockoff purchases is fun, and YOU SHOULD OWN THAT ISH.

Beyoncé may be our queen (Or king? We're still figuring that whole thing out), but just because she owns socks that cost more than our monthly rent doesn't mean she's not down to rifle through knockoff bags and sunglasses! Bey might make a billion-gazillion dollars an hour, but she's still a down-to-earth person who enjoys scoring a good deal. Oh, quit your triflin', everyone knows that a pair of "Raybrands" or a "Proda" clutch can look like the real thing in a pinch. Besides, if ANYONE in this world can make cheap goods look priceless, it's Beyoncé.

Leave it to the "Bow Down/I Been On" singer to confidently share her moment on Instagram, while most of us would probably NEVER admit to getting our fashion from a street vendor. Bey's smile is all: "LOOK AT ME! IDGAF what you think because A DIVA is the female version of a smart consumer who doesn't need to dent their bank account to werque name brands." Either that, or Beyoncé just stopped at this place to pick up a pack of gum while on her way to some swanky couture boutique that no "normal" person has ever heard of and most def will NEVER EVER be able to afford. Whatever, we want to believe the former.

Photo credit: @baddiebey