New Song: Snoop Lion Featuring Cori B. And Drake, 'No Guns Allowed'

Snoop makes a plea for peace along with his daughter Cori B. and Drake on new track "No Guns Allowed."

Snoop makes a plea for peace on his latest track, "No Guns Allowed," featuring Cori B. and Drake.

With his transformation from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion (though it seems he can alter between the two whenever he likes), the veteran emcee has made a few noticeable changes in his life. Though certain habits remain the same, Snoop has found enlightenment in his conversion to Rastafarianism, namely that he's on a mission to help stop gun violence. On "No Guns Allowed," the latest single from his debut as Snoop Lion, Reincarnated, Snoop teams up with Drake and daughter Cori B. (who's got some bangers in her own right -- see: "Do My Thang," "SMH," and "Daddy's Girl") in a plea for peace on the streets. Better listen to him, guys -- if anyone knows about street life, it's Snoop.

Listen to Snoop Lion featuring Cori B. and Drake's "No Guns Allowed" after the jump.

On the reggae-influenced track produced by Major Lazer and Ariel Rechtshaid, Snoop rhymes about leaving the weapons alone and gathering peacefully, "Cause, no guns are allowed, in here tonight/ We're gonna have a free-for-all, no fights/ I wanna get lost in the crowd, in here tonight." Drake chimes in later with an anecdote about two young people who lost their lives in his hometown of Toronto, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, news from back home/ This when it hurts to be gone/ Two more young names to be carved out of stone/ One summer day they went horribly wrong." Cori B. sings the hook, pleading for "no more gunplay." As Snoop Dogg, our boy absolutely defined the gangsta lifestyle and owned the streets, but as Snoop Lion, he's doing what he can to heal them.

+ Listen to Snoop Lion featuring Cori B. and Drake's "No Guns Allowed."

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