Watch Thirty Seconds To Mars' 'Up In The Air' Trailer, Starring A Pink Mechanical Bull, Zebra, And A Wolf, Naturally (VIDEO)


Thirty Seconds To Mars' "Up In The Air" trailer is highly cryptic, and we're highly intrigued.

Where Thirty Seconds To Mars go, something epic will surely follow. And now that the band has officially introduced their new single, "Up In The Air," from a mysterious little place called OUTER SPACE, in true Thirty Seconds to Mars spirit they just released their "Up In The Air" trailer -- which you can watch again and again and again below. And the only thing predictable about it is its impenetrability and that it feels worthy of the type of intellectual symposium the likes of which I haven't felt since I tried to figure out Matthew Barney's "Cremaster Cycle" at the Guggenheim. Don't believe me? Well, get ready for a pink mechanical bull.

Watch Thirty Seconds To Mars' "Up In The Air" short film trailer, and watch Thirty Seconds To Mars discuss the "Up In The Air" video in an exclusive Buzzworthy interview after the jump.

The trailer to "Up In The Air" -- the first single off Thirty Seconds To Mars' LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS album, out May 21 -- is a fast-moving montage of cryptic imagery (of course, Jared, Shannon and Tomo are no strangers to symbolism, as any Echelon member familiar with the glyphs will quickly tell you), including, but not limited to, a pink quilted mechanical bull, a zebra, an outsized dancer, and what looks like a dire wolf out of "Game Of Thrones."

Directed by Bartholomew Cubbins, "Up In The Air" was filmed in a massive Boeing airplane hangar and stars Dita Von Teese and, as Jared Leto revealed in an exclusive Buzzworthy sit-down interview with me this week, Olympic gymnastics champs Jordyn Wieber and McKayla Maroney.

"I think we can probably spill the beans," Jared said, as Tomo agreed. "McKayla and Jordan of the U.S Olympic female gymnastics team are in the music video doing things that are just spellbinding and beautiful and filmed in a way that I'm not so sure they've ever been filmed as artists, by artists, and it's a sight to see. Really gorgeous, beautiful."

Unfortunately McKayla's "Not Impressed" face does not make a cameo in "Up In The Air," but according to Jared, he at least got a how-to pro tip from the progenitor herself: "I got a personal lesson. I got my unimpressed photo. It's on my Instagram. She taught me exactly how to do it right."

"I was a little bit jealous being a huge fan," Tomo added.

jared leto thirty seconds to mars up in the air

Jared Leto's "not impressed" face" is not appearing in the "Up In The Air" short film (so enjoy it now).

"Up In The Air" also features the concept of anti-dancing, which may be one way in which the gymnasts' artistry and superhuman abilities manifest themselves: "I really wanted to capture the artistry and the commitment of what these girls do. What they're able to do with their bodies is just unreal," Jared explained. "It's incredible. Flawless. They all start at 3, 4 years old, and you can see the dedication, the time, the energy, the work. We were really lucky to capture it on screen."

While Thirty Seconds To Mars wouldn't reveal the plot of "Up In The Air," it's clear it's not a performance video or run-of-the-mill glam look. This is full-on art mode. "It's really a celebration of art and movement," Jared explained, after sharing that his love of art led him to study painting and film at New York's School of Visual Arts long before his Thirty Seconds To Mars days.

"We not only had Damien Hirst, but we had an artist here in New York named Maxwell Snow, who's a really wonderful photographer, sculptor and artist," Jared said. "He came out and built some sculptures based on LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS and set them on fire, so that was really fun."

And while the "Up In The Air" trailer below doesn't appear to contain any major spoilers (unless, of course, if it does), Jared did tick off a laundry list of some of the short film's stars, both human and otherwise: "McKayla, Damien Hirst, there's a wolf, a lion, a zebra, some butterflies, a snake, and some birds in there."

Now watch the trailer, and do with those things what you must. Echelon, get to work!

+ Watch Thirty Seconds to Mars' "Up In The Air" video trailer, and watch Thirty Seconds To Mars discuss the "Up In The Air" video in an exclusive Buzzworthy interview.

Photo credit: Thirty Seconds To Mars