Miley Cyrus Is Back In The Saddle... Of Wearing Her Engagement Ring! (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus is wearing her engagement ring again!

Not only is Miley Cryrus wearing a horse-themed onesie, but HER ENGAGEMENT RING IS BACK! 

In today's installment of "Are They Or Aren't They Broken Up: The Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Story," Miley has officially been spotted wearing her ROCK of an engagement ring again! And a horse-themed onesie, which normally would be the focal point of this post, but that just seems like chump change when there's a diamond the size of a boulder in the room, you know?

Anyway, we were getting seriously worried for a second after seeing pictures of Miley out and about WITHOUT her jewels, not to mention those incessant breakup rumors. (Either that, or Miley wanted to avoid awkward finger tan lines while sunning by the pool.) But if Miley were indeed single, she wouldn't just pair a goofy horse onesie with her massive engagement ring for no reason, right? Furthermore, she's got almost 12 million Twitter followers! If she didn't want the world to see that ring, Miley wouldn't have tweeted it! (Then again, HOW COULD YOU MISS IT?) Along with the photo of Miley wearing her finger boulder, she captioned, "It's a onezie PARTY (of one)." And there you have it folks, the TwitPic that says a thousand words! Wanna know what else says a thousand words? Wearing an ice skating rink on your finger. We're rooting for you, Miam! (We're also trying to think of a better couple's name for Miley + Liam, in case anyone has any suggestions.)

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus