10 Things To Know Now: Miley Cyrus' New Song + Selena Gomez Made Justin Bieber Cry + More

Selena Gomez makes Justin Bieber cry, Miley Cyrus has a new song, and more in 10 Things To Know Now!

Miley Cyrus' new song, Selena Gomez makes Justin Bieber cry, and more!

1.) SOUND THE "NEW MUSIC FROM MILEY CYRUS" ALARM (uh, whatever that sounds like): Miley has promised that a brand-new single called "Fall Down" will appear on will.i.am's forthcoming album! (Hollywood Life)

2.) During a recent "Late Show With David Letterman" appearance, Selena Gomez talked about her new single life, then jokingly admitted how she made Justin Bieber cry! "Spring Breakers," heartbreakers -- same diff. (MTV News)

3.) Lil Wayne's out of the hospital and feeling much better! He's recouping by watching tons of TV and tweeting love to his fans. That makes us feel better too, Weezy. (RapFix)

4.) One Direction's 3-D movie (that hits theaters Aug. 30!!!) has an official name: "This Is Us." Now, this is us freaking the eff out over this super exciting news! (MTV News)

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5.) Don't get too "Caught Up" in your current Usher tunes from Looking 4 Myself (which just dropped this past June), 'cause there's ANOTHER NEW ALBUM ALREADY ON THE WAY! Ush even promises "It's gonna be freaking out of here..." (MTV News)

6.) Speaking of One Direction, guess which one of the boys dyed their hair red for Comic Relief? SPOILER ALERT: It's Louis Tomlinson (btw, he makes a FOINE redhead). (MTV Style)

7.) Rihanna showed up two hours late to perform in Montreal with no apology. Does this remind anybody of her "777 tour" situation? RiRi doesn't have time for apologies! (NY Daily News)

8.) B.o.B's (aka Bobby Ray) third studio album is on its way, but he doesn't know what to name it. That's why he's asking fans to help! Any suggestions? (Oh, and we don't suggest pitching your own name -- we already tried.) (MTV News)

9.) Ciara says Lana Del Rey and Drake were major inspirations for her new album, One Woman Army. Do we smell potential collabos in the works? PLEASE? (The YBF)

10.) Why did Blink-182, U2, and other popular numeral-friendly bands choose to have numbers in their groups' names in the first place? Here's why. (And no, it's not because they're into math.) (Uproxx)

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