Watch Selena Gomez Sing 'Mario Kart Love Song' On 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' (VIDEO)


Selena Gomez dresses like Princess Peach for a rendition of "Mario Kart Love Song."

OK everyone, Selena Gomez has officially hit the late-night circuit! Maybe you already heard about her cracking a joke at Justin Bieber's expense with David Letterman? (To which we say, calm down everyone.) Promoting her brand-new (and critically lauded, we might add) film, "Spring Breakers," Selena took up the "Jimmy Fallon" torch from Justin Timberlake last night where she joined him for a BEYOND ADORABLE acoustic performance of "Mario Kart Love Song." They even wore MARIO MUSTACHES! (But unfortunately, we have a feeling that one won't be on her upcoming album.)

Watch Selena Gomez perform "Mario Kart Love Song" with Jimmy Fallon after the jump.

Wearing a Princess Peach crown and Mario mustache, Selena joined Jimmy Fallon for a rendition of Sam Hart's classic "Mario Kart Love Song." With Jimmy on acoustic guitar, the two gently sang the video game ballad about glowing mushrooms and flower cups, with Selena showing off her husky alto. Now, please excuse us as we try to work through the MANY layers of cute in this performance -- did you SEE the Princess Peach hat and fake mustaches?? What about the part where they sang, "Wala wala wala waluigi"?! Are you still breathing?? No? We understand.

+ Watch Selena Gomez perform "Mario Kart Love Song" with Jimmy Fallon.