Check Out Two Bonus Tracks From Justin Timberlake's 'The 20/20 Experience': 'Body Count' And 'Dress On'

Listen to "Dress On" and "Body Count", the two Target-exclusive tracks from Justin Timberlake's "The 20/20 Experience."

SURPRISE! Listen to BOTH bonus tracks from Justin Timberlake's "The 20/20 Experience."

Just when we thought things couldn't get any better this week, what with the release of Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience, the internet CONTINUES to provide us with even MORE JT-related joy! Only this time it's the fruitful bounty of not one, but TWO 20/20 bonus tracks, "Body Count" and "Dress On," off the Target-exclusive version of Justin's newly released album. Not to mention his new "Mirrors" video dropping last night, which we're STILL NOT OVER. We need to calm down before we have a full-scale JT meltdown.

Listen to Justin Timberlake's "Body Count" and "Dress On" after the jump.

The first bonus track, "Dress On," obviously reminds us of "Suit & Tie" because, well, it's Justin singing about clothes! Set to a sultry, synth-laden beat, Justin trades in his falsetto for a lower register on the bass-heavy record. Conceptually, "Dress On" picks up where "Suit & Tie" left off, as JT and his gal have a bomb night out on the town. As the evening progresses, Justin wonders why his lady's dress is still on, and actually, we're wondering that too! Because if Justin wanted us to remove our couture, it'd be off in a New York Minute. (Judge away! We know it isn't the most becoming, but you'd do the same, so shut your trap, haterz.)

Next up is "Body Count," an uptempo, Spanish guitar-tinged jam that sees the return of JT's prized falsetto and kiiiinda sorta reminds us of Justin and Timbaland's severely underrated "Carry Out." As the frantic, synth-laden track roars in the background, Justin sings about what it takes to make him... "happy" during nighttime activities: "And by the end of the night/ When you hot like a light/ In the beat cause you and me burned up the floor/ And if you own what I want, then you already know.../ Make my body count." Is this jam say, as sonically sophisticated as say "Blue Ocean Floor?" Probably not, but we're not ones to scoff at any uptempo JT Jam, let alone one perfectly syncopated for crunches at the gym!

+ Listen to Justin Timberlake's "Body Count" and "Dress On," and watch his "Mirrors" video.

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