Star Spotting: Kevin Jonas And Danielle Jonas Need To Get A Room! (PHOTO)

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas are professional PDA-ers!

COOL IT, GUYS! Some of us out here are single. 

Unless you're currently dating the man or woman of your dreams, seeing a lovey-dovey, smooch-heavy, perfectly romantic photo before noon is, like, NOT an option. That said, wouldn't it have been worse if you found out there was a selfie floating around on the 'net of the oldest JoBroKevin Jonas, kissing Danielle Jonas with his MOUTH OPEN that we didn't bring to your attention?? This would probably have been cause for a JoBro mutiny, so really showing you this pic was just a preemptive measure of self-protection. Because again, WE CAN'T HANDLE SEEING THIS UNTIL WE'VE FOUND SOMEONE AND WE'RE ENGAGED.

In case you'd blocked it out of your mind due to immense pangs of FOMO (fear of missing out on having the best husband ever), we'll remind you that Kevin and Danielle have been crazy in love all over South America these days, proudly posting a photo of themselves backstage before Kev's show in Argentina, and about 10 billion other adorable pics we're positive they haven't shared with us (THANK GOD -- sorry, again. We've got to cool our jealousy). That said, Kev probably picked the best photo to share because, well, THAT LOOKS LIKE A BOMB KISS, amirite? Also, as an aside, if "professional profile models" were like, a "thing," Kev and Danielle would be raking in the dough. Just sayin'.

Photo credit: @KevinJonas