Star Spotting: Rihanna Grabs Herself On Stage, And You Would, Too, If You Looked Like Rihanna (PHOTO)


If we looked like Rihanna, we might consider getting grabby with ourselves, too.

The "crotch grab" has had a fascinating evolution, originating with the late Michael Jackson and reinterpreted all these years later by Justin Bieber. But now it's time to add another star to the crotch grab history books (those TOTALLY exist. We swear)! Last night Rihanna put her own spin on the crotch grab on the Toronto leg of her Diamonds World Tour" -- only instead of, well, grabbing her crotch, Rihanna turned her gesture into more of a "feel-yourself-up grab." Let it never be said that our girl Rihanna isn't innovative!

Decked out in all-black everything (with some BLING on the side) while performing for what we're sure was an ecstatic Rihanna #NAVY, the "Stay" singer got so carried away on stage that she couldn't resist touching her rack out of sheer excitement! We CANNOT say we blame her -- if WE were one third as hot as Ri, then we'd do exactly like the Divinyls ask in "I Touch Myself" and partake in our own boob grab, crotch grab, even maybe an ass grab. But since we are decidedly NOT Rihanna, we'll just leave the body part grabbing to her until we complete that 30-session Pilates package we just bought ourselves for Passover.

Photo credit: WENN