Miley Cyrus Starts Spring Break Early In A Super-Sexy Bikini (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus starts spring break a few days early in a teeny bikini.

Miley Cyrus nails the bikini game! 

There's still no word on whether Miley Cyrus and fiancé Liam Hemsworth have officially called it quits, and we're PRAYING that they haven't, in case anybody was wondering. But I think we can all agree that there is ZERO better ex revenge than showing off your bangin' bikini bod by the pool (especially when there are paparazzi around to photograph it). If we had to draw our own conclusions via this skimpy two-piece Miley is wearing at her Palm Desert hotel (WITHOUT Liam, btw), we would argue that like she and Liam are probably donezo. Or maybe that's him she's chatting with on the phone?! And she's saying, "Baby, I miss you, come home??" And he's saying, "You're way hotter than all these Australian beach babes!!" That has to be it, right? Maybe??

After squinting our eyes a bit, we can pretty much confirm that Miley is lounging sans engagement ring. But there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation! Maybe she tucked her ring in the hotel room safe because she doesn't want awkward tanlines and NOT because she's called off her engagement. Either way, seeing some hawt photos of Miley in a skimpy two-piece can only help inspire Liam to arrange a reconciliation, if a reconciliation is needed at all! We're not believing ANYTHING till we see a "breakup confirmation tweet" from either party.

Photo credit: WENN