New Song: Little Boots, 'Broken Record'


Little Boots hears voices in her danceable new track "Broken Record."

You know those brain jams where you hear a new song, and you're like "OMG who does this remind me of?" for like an hour, and you can't think about anything else until you figure it out? Well, we just had one of those moments with this new track "Broken Record" from U.K. synth-pop fashion plate Little Boots. Does it remind us more of Kylie Minogue or Saint Etienne? OK, a little of both, sure, but we're still not all the way there. Oh, WAIT, it sounds like Little Boots. The thing is, it's been so long since the release of her 2009 breakthrough, Hands, with its effortlessly sleek and danceable hits "Remedy" and "New In Town," that we'd forgotten how much those songs had crept into our subconscious.

Listen to Little Boots' "Broken Record" after the jump.

Thankfully, our momentary crisis has been averted after a few more listens to this romantic, bell-chiming, mid-tempo dance track, the second off Victoria Hesketh's upcoming second album, Nocturnes (following "Motorway"). Like last time, where she tapped some of the hottest producing talent of the moment, like Hot Chip's Joe Goddard, she's enlisted the production aid of the likes of Tim Goldsworthy, Simian Mobile Disco's James Ford, and Hercules and Love Affair's Andy Butler for tracks that run the gamut of the past few decades of club pop. Watch a behind-the-scenes video about making the record here.

"I hear your voice like a broken record saying my name every second," she sings. "In my heart I feel it echo." Just thinking the samesies! We have a feeling it will be a while before this one dislodges itself from our brains, but then again, who even knows anything anymore. S/O 2 getting old.

+ Listen to Little Boots' "Broken Record."

Photo credit: On Repeat