Adam Lambert Poses With His 'Bad Boys,' AKA The World's Next Great (Fictional) Boy Band (PHOTO)

Adam Lambert 4

Meet Adam Lambert's new boy band, "The Guy Liners." J/K. But wouldn't that be AH-MAZING?!

Only speaking hypothetically here, Glamberts (SO DON'T PANIC!), but if Adam Lambert ever got bored of taking over the world solo, maybe he could start a boy band called "The Guy Liners!" Before you disagree, just look at the above photo and try to convince us that this pic of Adam hanging with his all-dude glamily wouldn't be a poster you'd tack up on your bedroom wall, lip-synch to every single night, and stare at obsessively wondering which one you'd live happily ever after and adopt shelter dogs with. (Sorry, just taking a walk down my own childhood-boy-band-obsessed memory lane.)

The "Never Close Our Eyes" singer shared the photo on his Instagram along with the caption "Bad Boys Club." First, we HAVE to state the obvious here: Adam has reallly good-looking friends (ALL OF THEM). Second, judging by the the photo's caption and general badassery, the guys could totally re-create their own all-male version of M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls"! Could they be in the middle of filming their very own "Bad Boys" video?? After all, Adam is stellar at covering divas (remember his version of Rihanna's "Stay" and Madonna's "Ray of Light?"). Admit it, "Live fast, glam young" does have a nice ring to it.

Photo credit:@therealadamlambert