New Song: Thirty Seconds To Mars, 'Up In The Air'

Listen to 30 Seconds To Mars' "Up In The Air."

Thirty Seconds To Mars has officially (and literally) launched their brand-new track, "Up In The Air."

Thirty Seconds To Mars' new "Up In The Air" single just fell to Earth, and it was well worth the wait, wasn't it? "Up In The Air" was so epic, so grandiose that it couldn't just get a regular, Earth-bound release. Which is why Thirty Seconds To Mars first released it via an actual rocket ship on March 1. Like, one that launched into space from Cape Canaveral. Official business.

Listen to Thirty Seconds To Mars' "Up In The Air" after the jump.

And after listening to "Up In The Air," it's easy to see why the song needed a celestial release -- it's a soaring, guttural tale that feels like it runs on adrenaline, sweat, and rocket fuel. It's an emotionally apocalyptic tale that questions the end of either a toxic relationship or the view from atop an oxygen-starved perch of a precarious psychological precipice.

Like "Closer To The Edge," "Up In The Air," from Thirty Seconds To Mars' LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS album out May 21, is a dramatic dirge driven by bleeding guitars and New Wave keyboards, woah-oh chorus, and the distinct feeling of a high-stakes chase sequence of the sort found in visceral, terrifyingly real dreams. It's some of Thirty Seconds To Mars' most complex, evocative work to date.

The refrain of "I wrapped my hands around your neck so tight" is the perfect metaphor for a restrictive, repressive relationship, and it's the perfect through-line to a song that feels dizzyingly breathless; for a song called "Up In The Air," you're left feeling like you got the wind knocked out of you.

+ Listen to Thirty Seconds To Mars' "Up In The Air."

Photo credit: 30 Seconds To Mars