Taylor Swift Wears All Cute Everything On The Set Of Her Keds Photo Shoot (PHOTOS)


All the cute clothes go to Taylor Swift!

By now we're accustomed to Taylor Swift wearing seriously adorable clothes in all her videos (see that lavender "Begin Again" dress! Still NOT over that one). That said, the "Everything Has Changed" singer was caught wearing ALL THE CUTE THINGS IN THE WORLD (probably thanks to her bomb stylist) during her latest Keds photo shoot this past weekend.

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Taylor and her many outfits (specifically her bomb sunglasses and perfectly fitted jean shorts that showcase her swanlike stems -- we CAN'T) were snapped on a photo shoot for her Keds campaign in Los Angeles. Although at first we thought that this shoot was for a new video off her insanely successful Red disc, turns out it's actually for a brand-new Keds ad campaign! (Look at all of those adorable sneaks in every shot! Time to buy some Keds...) We were also going to guess that Tay was posing for a "Cutest Girl In The World" spread in Cutest Girl In The World magazine, because if such a publication existed, Taylor would be on, like, every cover, every month. Fine, maybe a couple covers would go to Beyoncé, but that's about it.



Photo credit: Pacific Coast News